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Welcome to the Riverfill 10! We have been bringing the magic of movies to Eastern Kentucky families for more than 50 years! 

Movies sweep us away on wild adventures. They let us experience worlds and emotions that reality cannot offer. We get scared, we cry, we laugh, we fly, and sometimes we don’t want to come back down!

Our hearts and imaginations are in this business now more than ever. To enrich your movie experience, we spent more than a million dollars renovating every inch of the theater to look like nothing you have ever seen before. We designed the front parlor with inspiration from Las Vegas, with rich crimson and gold. The hallways are adorned with old-world candelabras, to give the feel of an old European mansion. Imagine the feeling that Belle had as she wandered through the palace in Beauty and the Beast, and you’ve got it!

From Drive-In movies in the 1960’s to Digital 3D movies today, we have always offered our customers the cutting edge movie experience. Our projectors use the latest digital technology to give you crisp picture quality that is simply breathtaking! Our Digital 3D screens use industry-leading technology to bring Hollywood’s newest special effects to life. We have lowered the number of seats in each theater and added stadium levels so that every seat offers a clear view of the screen.

We did this renovation because we love seeing your smiling faces as you come out of the theater. We know the magical feeling that a great movie gives you. We hope that our new theater makes the movie experience richer for every customer.


Come join us at the ALL DIGITAL, ALL STADIUM, ALL NEW Riverfill 10! Step into our world!

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